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go_crossovers's Journal

Good Omens Crossover Fic
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Hi. Welcome to the Good Omens crossover community. There's so much excellent GO crossover fic, I decided it was high time for a community.

The Rules, Such As They Are.

Cut anything over 100 words or anything not worksafe.

While I'm not a stickler about posting ratings, please at least note if there's anything potentially offensive or whatever.

Fics posted here should be Good Omens crossovers. I don't care what it's crossed-over with, or to what degree either fandom is employed. Just GO and something else.

Slash, het, gen--everything's okay.

I don't mind advertising, but PLEASE only do it in posts with fic in as well.

Disclaimer: All characters and/or settings used in any story in this community are the properties of their respective creators. We're not any of us making any money off of any of it, so don't sue us. (We just really like your stuff.)

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